about aarti

"Style is about feeling comfortable, feeling confident and above all, feeling like yourself" - Aarti

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I firmly believe that fashion and personal style mean more than just the clothes you wear. Your look is an extension of who you are and how you feel about yourself—and you should feel FABULOUS. Experimenting and expressing myself through both fashion and design has always come naturally to me—especially so that even at the tender age of 5, my family endured the evolution of playing dress-up to staging fashion shows. As I grew up, I nurtured this love at the University of Manchester, graduating with a degree in Textile Design and Design Management, and by, subsequently, entering the British fashion industry as a fashion buyer.

A life-changing move to Vancouver opened the way to a new career in Interior Design: a career that has allowed me to discover a whole new world full of entirely different ways to look at colour, style, and the latest trends. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made, thus far.

Life isn’t always smooth though, and an unexpected twist stole the colour out of my life. Finding myself in new situations with different people allowed me to naturally rediscover my inner strength as I reinvested in my love for all things fashion, design, and style. Reclaiming and reinventing my confidence and personal style also came from the community of strong women I found myself surrounded by—women who were faced with the same difficult path. When some of them turned to me for advice, I felt invigorated by the process of helping them develop their own personal styles. It did so much more than make them look great; it cultivated self-confidence at the same time.

Through this unexpected, but empowering journey, I found a new passion: to empower as many people as I can to look and feel their best through the discovery of their own individual style.